A Summer in Rome: Unashamed

Because of poor eyesight, I’ve always needed to wear glasses. There was a point in my childhood where those glasses embarrassed me. I was ashamed of how I looked. As an adult, I’m not embarrassed, because I think they make me look good and because of the value they bring. I’ve shared with my wife, … Read more

A Gavel being brought down by a judge, with the caption "Is God Just? May 5, 2024, Charles Postell presenting."

Is God Just?

Think of scenarios where outcomes may seem unfair. Someone orders a meal at a restaurant. Shortly after, someone else orders the same meal. However, the restaurant only has enough food to fill one order, and the waiter chooses to give that to the second person who ordered simply because he likes the Jordan sneakers that … Read more

Is God Loving?

In our “Is God” series, we’ve been tackling some of the hard questions of the faith. One question that often pops up is whether God is really loving. We’re told God loves us but often can’t help wonder if that’s really true. Is that love real, and does that mean his love is for us? … Read more

sillhouette of one man helping another up a mountain with the caption reading "Is God Good? April 14 2024 by Charles Postell, Psalm 145:1-9, Romans 8:28"

Is God Good?

Take a moment and think about what a really good day would look like for you. What does your morning look like? As the day progresses, what do you see yourself doing in your ultimate good day? What are the characteristics of a great day for you? My ultimate good day starts with having had … Read more

The Other Side of Contrast: Easter 2024

I was born and raised in Southern California. Several things draw people to that area, but one of the big ones is the weather. Most of the year the temperature is a consistent 70-ish degrees. It’s the greatest thing in the world. Seeing our Colorado weather lately, I may have been spoiled by living in … Read more