Leadership Team

Our pastor, James Manuel, brings the Word of God to us weekly with great depth, and in a manner that is easily applicable to our lives. James graduated from Denver Seminary with master’s degrees in Philosophy of Religion and in Biblical Studies. James has been a part of GMCC since 2008 and has served as pastor since 2014. James’ wife, Emily, serves alongside her husband at GMCC and also has her master’s degree from Denver Seminary in Biblical Studies. James and Emily met at Denver Seminary, were married in 2015, and welcomed baby boy David into the world in 2018. They love the church and have a heart for discipling believers by deepening their knowledge of the Lord through His Word and seeing that knowledge change the way we love and serve, becoming more like Christ.

Monte French is the newest member of the Green Mountain Christian Church staff. He will be serving as our Pastoral Ministry Intern as part of the Ministry Residency Program at Denver Seminary. Monte is currently a student at Denver Seminary, studying for a Master's degree in New Testament. He will work alongside Pastor James, contributing where needed, including filling the pulpit regularly.


Green Mountain Christian Church is a self-governed, congregationally-led church that has six appointed elders who shepherd the congregation, meeting needs where they can, and leading by example as they follow the example of Christ.  If you would like to contact the elders, call the church at 303.985.0754, or email them at elders@gmccnow.com

Staff Contact Information:

James Manuel, Pastor   •   james@gmccnow.com   •   303.985.0754

Pamela Spalding, Office Administrator   •   info@gmccnow.com   •   303.985.0754

Monte French, Pastoral Intern  •  monte@gmccnow.com

Mary Thompson, Social Media Director   •   mary@gmccnow.com

Elders  •  elders@gmccnow.com

Suzette Andrews, Custodian

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Office hours:  Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 10:00AM-3:00PM