Our Vision

Our vision is to be a neighborhood church that reflects the love and hope of Jesus.

Green Mountain Christian Church vision statement

This is what we are moving to become:

  • A Neighborhood Church. An active part of the neighborhood, seeking to reach and serve the people of the community.
  • Reflecting the love of Jesus. In a world full of frustration, tension, and even hate, we choose to take Jesus’ command to love one another seriously.
  • Reflecting the Hope of Jesus. Hope can be hard to find. In our world, we often find out we put hope in things that don’t come through. We strive to impart a hope in eternity, a hope in living life with godly purpose, and living life in the hope of the promises of Jesus

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead people into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ, equip and grow believers, and to encourage them to serve God.

Green Mountain Christian Church Mission Statement

Our Church

We are an independent Christian church and a multi-generational group of people committed to loving God and loving each other. We desire to be a Christ-centered, Bible-based, family-friendly church.