Acts 2:42
Matthew 28:19

Our vision is to be a church that reflects the love and hope of Jesus, and we seek to build activities and ministries that support that vision. We strive to follow the example of the New Testament church. Because of that, we seek to create ways to serve and grow as believers in the following ways.


The hope and love of Jesus make up the greatest gift anyone could hope for. We rejoice in that gift, but it’s also a gift that others need to know about. Read more about our outreach ministries.


We are called to make disciples. This requires going beyond simply spreading the good news of Jesus. We have a responsibility to help one another to grow in our faith. Read more about our learning ministries


Prayer is an important part of Green Mountain Christian Church. We believe that God hears and answers our prayers and that this is one of the best ways we can support one another and those around us. Read more about our prayer ministries


Green Mountain Christian Church is a place where you can feel welcome and at home. As believers, we need one another. We seek to create opportunities to develop bonds and friendships that help us grow stronger, offer encouragement, and share lives together. Read more about our togetherness ministries


When we’re surrounded by the hope and love of Jesus, it’s natural to celebrate how amazing God is. That’s what it means to worship God: to declare his worth. Read more about our worship ministries.