sillhouette of one man helping another up a mountain with the caption reading "Is God Good? April 14 2024 by Charles Postell, Psalm 145:1-9, Romans 8:28"

Is God Good?

Take a moment and think about what a really good day would look like for you. What does your morning look like? As the day progresses, what do you see yourself doing in your ultimate good day? What are the characteristics of a great day for you? My ultimate good day starts with having had … Read more

How Can Evil Exist if God is All Powerful?

“Is God All Powerful” by Phil Christian Theologians have wrestled for centuries with questions like, Is God loving, good, dependable, or all-powerful? We’re starting this series where we look at these questions, which maybe you wrestle with as well. Maybe you’ve yet to say yes to God and you’re still waiting for answers to these … Read more

The Other Side of Contrast: Easter 2024

I was born and raised in Southern California. Several things draw people to that area, but one of the big ones is the weather. Most of the year the temperature is a consistent 70-ish degrees. It’s the greatest thing in the world. Seeing our Colorado weather lately, I may have been spoiled by living in … Read more

Palm Sunday: Praising God Even If

Have you ever been in a public place as a kid and mistook another adult as your parent? Do you remember the horror that comes when you discover that that person is not actually your parent? I once was with my dad at a store, not paying attention, and wandered. I eventually found him again … Read more

Step on the Gas or Hit the Brakes

In college, my Opel had numerous starter problems. I often had to push start the car. In other words, I’d get the car moving, then put the car in gear. Since it was a manual transmission, that would turn the engine and often get it started. If I parked on top of a hill, all … Read more

Names of God: Immanuel

According to my parents, I was afraid of sharks as a kid. My mom tells a story about going to one of those aquariums where you look through a tunnel where there are fish around and above you, but in this one it was for sharks. I would not go through that tunnel and you … Read more

A hand holding a card that says "Hello, my name is Jehovah Nissi, and the caption reading "Names of God: Jehovah-Nissi" by Pastor Charles Postell.

When God is Our Banner

This is the fourth week of our “Names of God” series, where we intend to develop a deeper understanding of God by understanding the various names that He holds. There are several names and titles presented to us in scripture, with each teaching us something unique about God. We have a lot of symbols in … Read more

Conversations on Missionality

Wrapping up this ministry emphasis week, I have my friends Tony and Freddie Herrera joining us here today.I met them in 2021 when I was working at Mountain View. Actually, I met Tony before that in 2020, but I don’t remember it because there was a lot that was happening that year. They were in … Read more

Names of God: El-Kanna

We are in the third week of our Names of God sermon series. God has many titles and names that He presents to us in scripture, each revealing something unique about Himself. However, this one can make us uncomfortable. Jealousy is an uncomfortable topic. This week’s name has us talking about jealousy. As a human … Read more