Newsletter Note

So, what if?

by Ken Cooper

“What would you do if…?” How many times have you been
asked a question that begin with those five words? Or, how
many times have you asked yourself a similar question?
Many people spend a lot of time thinking about the “what if’s”
of life.
Let’s be realistic about our “what if’s” and eliminate those that
are a waste of time like getting rich or famous or better
looking. Let’s focus on some things that are more likely to
become reality if we follow through with “what if”.
There are some “what if’s” that are worth thinking about. For
instance, “What if I were to lose 20 pounds?” Or, “What if I
were to start an exercise regime?” “What if I went back to
college and finished my degree?” “What if I took control of my
finances and got out of debt and began to save for
retirement?” As important as those things are, let me suggest
a some “what ifs” that are much more important and definitely
worth to giving some serious thought.
 What if you really got serious about your faith in
 What if you faithfully read your Bible and spent time in
prayer every day?
Obviously, if these “what ifs” are to have any real effect we
must start doing them. And you know what? If we were all to
start with these two “what ifs” then they would lead us to even
more “what ifs” that would have a substantial impact on our
personal lives and the life of Green Mountain Christian
Let me ask a few more.
 What if everybody in Green Mountain Christian
Church was in attendance every week?
 What if everybody in Green Mountain Christian
Church gave at least a tithe back to the Lord?
 What if everybody in Green Mountain Christian
Church introduced someone to Christ every year?
The “what ifs” are endless and the possibilities are too.
What if…you began today?

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