Lynn Pottenger


Lynn first began her work in Kenya in 1996, working with a literacy program. In order to establish a strong, indigenous church in the area, it was crucial to begin increasing the literacy rate among the Turkana people. The program has grown to the point that Turkana teachers are now responsible for the literacy program, and Lynn serves as their consultant.

Lynn also began to partner with the Community Christian Church (CCC) focusing on leadership development. She teaches English as a Second Language to church leaders, as well as producing easy English materials for them to use in their study of Scriptures. Learning English helps these leaders to communicate more effectively with other Kenyan churches, further develops them as leaders, and increases the resources that are available to them.

In addition, Lynn participates in and teaches courses at the Turkana Bible Training Institute–a two-year certificate program for church leaders that is taught in the Turkana language. She will also partner with CCC to establish Bible Training Institutes in other parts of Kenya.

This next term, Lynn says that she will be involved in gaining further education that will focus on spiritual formation, and will be useful in helping church leaders grown in their relationship with God in the areas of Bible Study, spiritual disciplines, prayer, and spiritual warfare.