Newsletter Note


by Ken Cooper

Well, the day is almost upon us, Christmas Day, that is. Monday evening at 6:00 is our Christmas Eve service. I hope that if you are in town with family for Christmas, attending the service with your loved ones is in your Christmas plans.

We are all busy finishing up the last-minute details for our Christmas celebrations. Most of the gifts are bought, wrapped and under the tree. We are looking forward to a day of rest and celebration with our families. It’s a good time of year. It’s a time when we make family traditions and fond memories. When I think of Christmases from my childhood, I don’t really remember many of the gifts, I don’t remember all of the menus for the dinners, what I do remember are times spent with my family and, of course, our family Christmas traditions.

While Christmas traditions, celebrations, and dinners are important, it’s not the presents, the decorations, or the meal that make them important. It’s the Celebration of the incarnation of our Savior Jesus Christ that is most important. And after that, it’s the people we spend Christmas with and the family traditions and memories that are also important. When those family traditions include celebrating our Savior’s birth, that makes those wonderful memories even more meaningful. Jesus’ birth makes it all possible.

When we celebrate, let’s focus on what is important. Have a memorable Christmas. Make it a time of rejoicing over the birth of Christ, and a time of love and warmth in your home as you celebrate His birth.

May you have the gift of Faith, the blessing of Hope, and the Peace of His Love this Christmas

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