‘Tis the Season!

It’s getting winter-like outside. The season is changing and we are beginning to feel the chill of winter. This is a great time of year. We may complain about the snow but it really is a blessing. In our semi-arid climate we need all of the moisture we can get and in any form that we can get. It doesn’t help to fret and worry about it, the reality is we can’t do anything about it whether we get little moisture, just enough, or a lot. God is in control and He provides His blessings in His time, not ours.  

We tend to get all worked up about the commercialization of Christmas too. We complain that even before Halloween there are Christmas items in the stores. We are concerned about taking the focus off the real meaning of the Christmas season. It seems like Frosty and Rudolph and Santa are more important in many people’s eyes than Jesus is. In fact, when you look at all of the television Christmas specials, there are very few that deal with the birth of Christ. People who don’t know Jesus as Savior or Lord have embraced the commercialism and the fanciful stories and what the world perceives to be the spirit of Christmas. But we can’t expect them to celebrate the same way as we who know Christ do.

Again, it doesn’t do much good to get all hot and bothered about things we can’t control. But there are things you can control this time of year. You can control the context in which you and your family celebrate Christmas. You can choose to downplay the commercialism, you can choose to relegate Rudolph and friends to positions of little influence in your family celebrations. You can choose to make Jesus Christ and the celebration of His birth the focal point of your Christmas. You can still give gifts and decorate and do other things to celebrate, but make a deliberate choice to include Jesus in your celebration. After all, we celebrate Christmas to honor Him. And it is not without reason the scripture says, “To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!” Revelation5:13b.

Praise the Lord! It’s Christmas!

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